The Bayonet

by Martin Miller. A brief history of the development of the bayonet

Three Bayonets-One Rifle (and vice versa)

by Martin Miller. Bayonets from the Krag-Jorgesen to the M1 Garand

A Successful Failure

by Martin Miller details the fall of the First Model Allin Alteration to the
Springfield Model 1865 Rifle

Colt in the Great War

by Martin Miller provides a synopsis of Colt's importance in the arming of our troops during WWI

Fun with Numbers

Martin Miller's companion piece gives the man:handgun ratio for the US Army, years 1915-1918

Source of info on Japanese/Nambu artifacts

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A WWII site of interest to our members:

Historical archives of US Naval APA(s) troop transport vessels of World War II.
Photos of officers, crew, and information as to wartime deployment.

Collectibles Auction Site

Robert Mayo, 2007-08 Kansas State Champion Auctioneer; Mbr. National Auctioneers

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